Main page : Structural Bioinformatics in KOBIC, KRIBB, Korea (Triple Ks)

Our WEB/DB servers
1. PQR-SA: Pseudo Quadratic Restraints with Simulated Annealing Homology Modeling web-server
2. STAP NMRdb: Statistical Torsional Angle Potential (STAP) Refinement of NMR Database
3. STAP2: Refinement database of NMR structures, data expansion and new functionality
4. DockMD: Docking and Molecular Dynamics simulations at once
5. NmRe: NMR structure refinement web-server (NOE and dist)
6. DPSP: Dockable pocket site prediction
7. DBALP: DataBase of Annotated Ligands and Pockets

Useful tools
4. JSmol: JavaScript Jmol
3. Marvin Applets
2. Structure quality measurement by Richardson group: Molprobity
1. JSP@NMR refinement: a database of refined solution NMR structures

Obsolete servers (out of service),
1. CHARMM-based Homology Modeling Builder: CHARMM-HM
2. Multi Alingment and Multi Modeling

1. Korean Society of Protein Science
2. Asian Pacific Protein Association 2014 in Jeju, Korea

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