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What's new?
How to use STAP2?
What is the STAP2?
  • STAP2 is a database that stores the refined NMR structure.
Goal of STAP2
  • The goal of the STAP2 is to provide a high quality of refined structure and its various structural analysis for almost all of NMR structures obtained from PDB (Protein Data Bank).
Expanded datasets
  • STAP2 now has most of NMR structures in PDB (2,405 to 10,583 structures, as of June 2015).
New method
  • Application of newly developed NOE-like distance restraint generated from initial NMR structure.
  • Instead NOE distance restraint, it prevents structural dislocation during refinement.
Various structural analysis
  • Various structural analysis of refined structure with visual elements.
  • 3D structure view, secondary structure scheme, tabular (score table) and graphical scores (radar charts).
PDB ID Search
  • Please select the 'PDB ID' in 'Field selection' and enter the PDB ID of the NMR structure into search box.
  • PDB ID should contain two or more characters (ex. '3g' or '3gb1' ).
Keyword Search
  • If you do not have a PDB ID, you can find refined structure through a several keyword search.
  • For example, if you select 'Classification' in keyword field and enter 'membrane' into search box, you can see the list of membrane associated structures.
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