APPA2014 Abstract file available: PDF



On behalf of the Korean Society for Protein Science (KSPS), we give you a warm welcome to the 4th Conference of the Asia Pacific Protein Association (APPA2014) in Jeju.

APPA was founded to advance protein science and share friendship between countries in the Asia Pacific region. Currently, council members from 13 countries actively participate in APPA. It organizes a triennial International Conference that provides an international forum to promote communication, cooperation and collaboration in all aspects of protein science. After the successful conferences held in Yokohama, Japan (2004), Caims, Australia (2008) and Shanghai, China (2011), the 4th Conference will be held in Jeju Island, Korea during May 17-20, 2014.

Jeju Island is famous for three abundant things of stones, wind, and fishermen's wives, three rare things of beggars, thieves, and house gates, and three treasury things of sea, Halla volcanic mountain, and dialect. In particular, Jeju Island has been recognized as the beautiful and admirable World Natural Heritage Site with volcanic island and molten lava tubes.

We invite you to explore the current aspects of protein science and simultaneously the exotic landscape in this wonderful island. We hope you will enjoy the scientific and social programs and have a great time in Jeju Island.

Young Kee Kang
Chair, Organizing committee of APPA2014

Kyou-Hoon Han, Weontae Lee
Co-chairs, Organizing committee of APPA2014