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CHARMM (Chemistry at HARvard Macromolecular Mechanics) is one of the oldest and most popular programs for structural simulations in the field of computational chemistry. Despite its widespread usage and extensive features, application towards homology modeling was limited due to lack of potential terms for structural restraints. We have developed the homology modeling version, CHARMM-HM, by incorporating the homology-derived restraints and analytical forces in MODELLER into the CHARMM potential parameters. Comparison with MODELLER showed that the side-chain accuracy improved slightly by 0-5% depending on the choice of optimization methods. Furthermore, we have set up a web server dedicated to automated homology modeling in an effort to facilitate usage. Simple input of sequence or alignment produces the structural models with the quality evaluation scores. With the flexibility of CHARMM and user-friendly web server, CHARMM-HM would be a valuable asset for homology modeling.

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